Start Groups unlike Facebook is based on interests and not friends.  We make new friends and contacts through the interests we share: thus, Interestnexus. The most important benefit of is information and sharing thoughts and opinions on any group topic on

Because of this, we urge knowledgeable individuals to join InterestNexus as Group Creators / Owners.  Because we value quality content we have a special benefits package for group creators and owners and more bonuses for highly successful groups on our platform.

Benefits of Starting An InterestNexus Group:
1 – Replaces the need to set up a lead capture funnel and auto-responder for your online business.
2 – Saves you time and the work in creating email series for your email list.
3 – All members who sign up to your group are Laser-Targeted for your niche!
4 – InterestNexus helps you promote your group to all members.
5 – Enjoy exclusive group names / topics – no one else can create the same group name as yours!
6 – InterestNexus allows Group Creators / Owners to profit easily from their groups:
a – Creators can sell the groups they create to new owners (Group Flipping)!
b – Creators can also “rent” their groups for a specific time to marketers who provide content, answer questions and promote their articles and links. (Guest Group Owners).
c – Creators / Owners can limit access to their groups via subscription and earn membership fees from members.
d – Creators / Owners can market directly to group members through links in posts and / or by emailing the group membership.
7 – Complete training program with live webinar sessions to help you create profitable groups for yourself or for reselling!  Future developments will always focus on Group Owners and ways to profit from your ownership.

With all you stand to gain and nothing to lose, why not get started today with your first group?
You have two options today:

Group Starter: You will be allowed to start 1 new group for each group you build to 100 members.  Group name cannot be trademarked or copyrighted by any other entity – you must have the right or authority to use a brand name. You can use entity names within your group name if allowed by law.
Annual Group Owner Fee: $35.00 (As long as you maintain your annual payment, you can maintain ownership of your group and can add new groups once your group reaches 100 members. )

Group Creator Reseller: Create groups for yourself or to sell to others without limit.
Annual Reseller Fee: $99.00 (Price will go up for every 10 creators signing up for this program.)

Groups Creator / Owner & Reseller Annual Fee
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