What Makes Us Better Than Facebook?

Facebook is a “friends” centered and ad-based revenue model. What this translates to is that Facebook uses you to reach out to your friends in order for them to increase their revenues through selling ad views to all these users. Because they are ad-based for their revenue, Facebook makes it very difficult for users to • Read More »

Start Groups unlike Facebook is based on interests and not friends.  We make new friends and contacts through the interests we share: thus, Interestnexus. The most important benefit of is information and sharing thoughts and opinions on any group topic on Because of this, we urge knowledgeable individuals to join InterestNexus as Group Creators • Read More »

What Is InterestNexus?

Definition of nexus \ˈnek-səs, -ˌsüs\ 1:connection, linkthe nexus between teachers and students; also:  a causal link the nexus between poverty and crime 2:  a connected group or series A social connection between you and the things / topics you’re interested in! [embedyt][/embedyt]